Swisscom Web Agency

Developers for Swisscom's Web Team

      Swisscom is Switzerland’s #1 telecoms provider and a leading technology partner in Europe with over 21,000 employees and a turnover of CHF 11.7 billion.

      Web Essentials adds specialized expertise and flexible capacity to the Swisscom development team.

      Using both Web Essentials and Swisscom employees in the service delivery ensures high quality and reduces cost.

      What We Did Technically
        • Swisscom‘s web development team needed flexible capacity for many websites. They decided on Neos CMS for the smaller sites and TYPO3 for the larger sites, some had 100+ extensions.
        • Web Essentials built a common Neos CMS platform that maximizes the capabilities of Neos CMS while providing a standardized approach for easier maintenance. We also built most of the sites ourselves.
        • Using Neos, Docker, Grunt (Compass, Assemble), we pushed the boundaries of the possible.

        « Web Essentials allows Swisscom to flex according to need. »


        Business Benefits
          • Web Essentials allows Swisscom to flex according to need and be innovative with the latest technology.
          • With a good working understanding and a common framework, the websites are built quickly and in a standardized manner.
          • Furthermore, through our network in the TYPO3 community, we are able to consult with Neos/Flow core developers which made the solution cutting edge.