Our support team is on hand to deal with incidents, security issues, configuration changes, upgrades, and more with SLA backed guaranteed response and resolution times via JIRA Service Desk

Cloud Hosting

With our decentralized infrastructure, auto failover measures, infrastructure automation setups, and live-monitoring of web application and server resources, you won't have to worry about downtime for your website or web application.

Tools we use

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

We design, maintain and optimize cloud computing infrastructures for our customers. This usually involves the operation of applications, the connection to third-party systems, the transformation and processing of data as well as the triggering of actions, be it on time or on an event basis. Modern cloud computing infrastructures allow the scaling of resources according to demand (keyword Kubernetes), the connection of services such. a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for accelerating Web front-ends and the automation of the infrastructure, which drastically increases the security of live systems.

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Open Source Matters

We use Open Source technology whenever possible. Open Source allows us to understand and modify software by ourselves, giving us insight in how it works and control when needed.

Amazon Web Services

AWS cloud computing lets you take advantage of a wide array of cloud functionalities, including the ability to scale servers according to your needs. Our set-up includes advanced caching, so if one server fails, your website will still be online.

JIRA Service Desk

We use JIRA Service Desk to automate and track support requests, leading to an efficient process where you always know the status of your support request, from the moment the issue is logged until it is resolved.


Ansible is an open-source IT automation engine that automates IT infrastructure and apps, including cloud provisioning, configuration management, app deployment, intra-service orchestration. Easy to deploy, it increases consistency and transparency across teams.


The open-source platform Docker help us simulate production-like environments for our Development, IT and Quality Assurance Teams to work in. It enables us to quickly assemble web applications from components and reduce integration problems so we can ship faster.



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